Cigarettes & Friends

for Drew and Joanna, East Sac magic.

You ever have those nights where the sky is so fucking clear, you swear you can see people picnicking on Mars? Their full spread lunch full of tuna fish and pickles and Cooler Ranch Doritos and probably an extra tall glass of YooHoo with a side of apple slices, all from your very own back patio? Yeah. Me, too. But I’ve never had my very own back patio, they’ve always belonged to friends. No matter how hard I’ve tried to make my own way in life, the best places have always belonged to friends.

I still look up, though. I’ve never stopped dreaming.

We smoke a lot of cigarettes when we hang out till 2am. Ain’t that the way it goes? The night is too clear sometimes, we gotta pollute the view a little bit. Artists are always trying to pollute something, to prove to ourselves that the struggle is real and we are in a constant state of survival. This isn’t true, but our acting like it is. Cigarettes remind us of our mortality, no matter how immortal we behave in our acts of inhaling them. I think about my lungs on nights like this, after 10 cigarettes, I think about home and about my inhaler and my nebulizer and I wonder: what the fuck am I doing? Addiction isn’t any easier the older we get. Don’t smoke.

And I begin writing, love is often the topic. Desire the most prevalent feeling. And I know that I want to see galaxies when I peek through the blinds of my bedroom. I want to feel galaxies from the person I let peek through these blinds with me. I am probably asking for too much, but I’m making up for all of the times that I’ve settled for too little. I deserve galaxies. Fuck, I deserve universes for how long I’ve let past lovers use me up. But I’m okay with all of that now, because now, all I can see are the possibilities of brand new views filled with nothing but clear nights, smoky lungs, and galaxies of naked skin just begging to be explored.

We write another song, my friend and I, basking in the star glow of this sprawling night. Sacramento summers are best for their late hour breezes. Never too cold to put a jacket on, but there’s a chill enough to light another cigarette in efforts to warm our writing hands by the glow of the smoky cherry. It works well enough, and so does the whiskey. Words are never more clear than when they pour themselves out from a bottle of Jack Daniels and time. We chase our art with pain. Telling stories of broken hearts and unlearned dreams. We scribble nonsense into existence and create something full of melody and truth. We open another pack of cigarettes.

We can’t find menthols anymore, so we bitch about that for a while. Neither of us enjoys regular smoke, we crave the tasty art behind the drag. Much like I imagine the ones that love us crave a bit of our passion for themselves, no matter how bad it might be for them. We are unpredictable adventurers, making beautiful messes wherever we go. Praise to the ones that find us endearing enough to put our bottles in the recycle bin. And to dump our overflowing ashtrays into the trash before we can remember how long we’ve been out here. Staring at the sky. Staring at all of the possibilities among the emptiest of lined pages. Staring at the flickering cursor with its rhythmic pulse begging us to write one more piece.

2am gets here faster than we wanted it to. And the folks picnicking on Mars are resting well enough in their beds. All I can see now are the discarded dishes from the lunch they had hours ago. Good for them. And good for us. There is new art in the world now. Our hands feel as tired as our minds. We take one last shot of time and say goodnight to the empty bottles and overflowing ashtrays. We find peace in the goodbye. After all, we’ll do this again tomorrow.

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You are Forever.

You Are Forever. Happy 50th Birthday, Bev!Dear Bev, You are foreverI’ve been trying to write this poem for weeksBut I can’t seem to find the right words to speakTo all of the missingTo express the extent of loss I feelI miss youAnd I know, I knowThis poem is 10 years...

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🫶🏼 For (you). ❤️

🫶🏼 For (you). ❤️ we'll call it our cover.Let’s give this a go, yeah?Let’s meet up somewhere neither of us knows and we can just be.Let’s buy a couple of empty postcards and draw ourselves exactly as we are.Right now.We’ll call it our cover.And we’ll hold it to the...

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The Delta

The Delta love is the greatest adventure.It’s cold here. But not the kind of cold that bites my skin under my hoodie, so I bear it. I grip my fingers tight together and use my breath as makeshift gloves. I have a vision of my beanie in my top left dresser drawer back...

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Boston, MA

Boston, MA when you grow up nowhere and everywhere.It’s important to know that I grew up nowhere and everywhere. We moved around so much that I didn’t even know what version of myself was most authentic until I was in my early 20s. New places came with new posters and...

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Wake Up

Wake Up grief is the loudest emotion.when someone diesthere is a pause in the earth's rotationas ifthe axis we all depend on forgot to keep movingas ifthe world we all inhabit forgot to set her alarm clockor maybelike the rest of uswanted to keep hitting snooze while...

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Dear Xavy

Dear Xavy a letter to my unborn son.Dear Xavy (Zah-vee, short for Xavier), First, I'd like to apologize.I've tried twice now to start our family line, but both times have ended in surprise heartbreak and regret.You are already supposed to be here.I am already supposed...

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Crazy Love

Crazy Love "it makes me righteous and it makes me whole"NOTE: Inspired by the song, Crazy Love. We’ll make love on the couchVan Morrison through the speakersThe hard cold of the floor against my kneesServing only to remind me of this momentWith herPassion doesn’t make...

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Let this Be Us

Let this Be Us every love story is worthy of fame.Darling, do you know we’re famous?Don’t ask me how… but why.And I’ll tell you,that I’ve got spotlights in my eye-line and a little bit of you in my rear-view.I’ve seen you before.Not your person but your promise.I’ve...

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Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved part of my book series, Netflix and Heal.It is a Thursday night, late Spring but still cold. A kind of cold that can remind you of your loneliness. Not because you forgot your hoodie and not because the friend you’re having movie night with forgot the...

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Commercial Break

Commercial Break A Poem for Brandon Teenawhen i was 5i knew i wanted to grow up to be a madmana wild eyed reflection of white crazy hairwhere we all drive behind time jumping wheels requiring 1.21 gigawattsto get us anywhere but by the age of 10i'd learned betteri...

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It Gets Better

It Gets Better not less hard, just better.At 11 years old, I believed in magic. Like I could catch falling stars in a mason jar, carry the construction of the Colosseum in my shirt pocket, paint a storm sky to life with daylight on dark thundering nights while...

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Letter to My Younger Self

Letter to My Younger Self everything seems easier when looking back.Dear Hot Mess, You don’t have the heart of an angel, stop acting like you do. It will only bring you pain. Nor do you have intentions anything less than angelic in nature. Stop being bothered by those...

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Summer and Mean It

Summer and Mean It starting over in the magic of summer months.In this newfound Summer freedomWith short sleevesAnd sun-kissed skinThe hot lips of a cloudless dayAnd I remember what it’s likeTo walk hand-in-handWith someone who smilesJust because they know youJust...

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Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Afternoon for the one i haven't met yetIt’s 3pmIn the overcast glow of a prolonged winterIt’s probably Spring somewhereBut not hereAnd it’s kind of perfectThe way the gray matches the painThe way the pain matches our eyesAnd we both see itAnd we both pretend...

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Tuesday Evening

Tuesday Evening for the one i haven't met yetIt’s 8pmAnd I can smell Fall bloomingLooming are the orange leavesAnd everything it meansTo shed the pastShedding all that holds us backFrom being able to beginAnewAnd when I drove to work this morningWith the heater onAnd...

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Sunday Night

Sunday Night for the one i haven't met yetIt’s 11pmAnd I can’t stop thinking about youAnd what it might be likeTo feel the weightOf your bodyHeavyIn truth and effortAtop all of my naked passionThe madness in the hungerThe absence of sense in the urgeMakes the...

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The Undoing of I Do

The Undoing of I Do ...but what about love?“Marriage equality also means divorce equality,” but what about love? It’s a fact that 41% of first-time marriages end in divorce. And I remember sitting on the sidelines, on the side of the stage, somebody important was...

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Call Cut

Call Cut just another love wear love on your sleeve the way they used toin black and white and dramatic celluloidand we kissto the sound of remixed Mozartand renovated Beethovenbut nobody really caresand wewellwe're not really listeningeitherwe're too...

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Hello… I Love You

Hello... I Love You. a poem for human average conversation with a stranger:"hello. I Love You." and I've got nothing else to offer but cracked ribscaged by the display of my stain-glass smilefragile but full of faiththis is Mea Poet dipped in Human...

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My Name is They

My Name is They what's gender anyway?When we talkWe all speak in genderFluent from the tongueAre the soft pinks of She'sAnd the militant blues of HisPronouns never had a choice My voice is a sirBigger than my courage will ever give me credit forBut I can't afford to...

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You Did NOT Die Today

You Did Not Die Today January 11, 2016It’s after midnight now.On January 11th, 2016. You did not die today. And I feel like a total weirdo. Sitting here by myself, sobbing uncontrollably over you. Sobbing uncontrollably over someone that I do not know. And then,...

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